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Q: iPhone to PC/Mac Transfer software is not recognizing my iPhone, why?

A: There could be two possible reasons if the software is not recognizing your device

(a). You’re using an older version of the software. For this download the latest version from our site.
(b). Your iTunes is older version. To resolve this issue update to latest version..
(c). You are not connected to the Internet.



Q: Can I try the software and evaluate before purchasing the full version?

A: Yes iPhone to Computer Transfer software is available on the try-before-buy basis. You can download it free of cost and evaluate as per your requirements before purchasing the full licensed version.


Q: How will I get the registration information after purchasing the licensed version?

A: You will receive registration information in a couple of minutes after placing your order. We request you to check your spam folder too for the r egistration mail as sometimes our mails erroneously considered spam by some email service providers. In case if you don’t receive registration mail on your mail ID within 12 hours, you can contact MyCommerce shopper support by filling up this form.


Q: How long does it take to receive the response of customer support team?

A: You will get the response from support team in a timely manner. In some rare cases it can take up to 48 hours to get response from support team.


Q: If I purchase licensed version, would I be able to upgrade it free in future?

A: Yes, once you purchase a full version of any on the software available here, you will get all the future updates and upgrades absolutely free. Old registration information will remain valid for the updated version too.


Q: What if I want to install the software I purchased to the new computer?

A: Yes you are allowed to do this. But first you need to uninstall the software from your old PC. And then download the same software from the site to install it on your new PC. Use the registration info you have got at the time of purchasing the software.