A step-by-step guide to transfer or copy text messages (SMS) from iPhone to Android smartphone.

How to Transfer Text Messages (SMS) from iPhone to Android

By: Johanna Parker

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If you are looking to transfer all data (text messages, contacts, music, videos and photos) from iPhone to Android, check this tutorial.


If you previously owned an iPhone and have switched to using an Android phone instead, you will probably want to transfer all your text messages, contacts, media files and your calendar from your old phone to your new phone. While this sounds like a daunting task at first, transferring your contacts, media files and calendar from an iPhone to an Android phone is easy. However, to transfer text messages from iPhone to Android is not as easy because the format that the iPhone uses for text messages is not the same as the format Android phones use for text messages.



transfer iPhone SMS Text Messages to Android


You will need to take the time to convert your iPhone’s text messages into a format that Android phones can understand. There is a trick that you can use that will allow you to transfer SMS from an iPhone to an Android. If you have been thinking about switching to an Android phone, but have hesitated because you thought you would lose all your text messages if you did, this is the solution to your problems. It is quite possible for you to successfully transfer iPhone text messages to an Android phone by following these steps. You will need an easy-to-use program called iPhone SMS to Android Transfer. Check this guide if you want to transfer all the data (SMS, contacts, music, photos, videos etc.) from iPhone to Android.



download the program freedownload the program free for Mac



Step 1: Launch the program and connect your iPhone and Android to PC

  1. The first step in the process is to download and install the software program that will allow you to make the transfer. Before beginning the transfer process you must turn off your iPhone’s iCloud backup. This is also the time to enter the passcode to access your iPhone files if you have it set up to be password protected. Once these tasks have been completed you will need to use USB ports to hook up both the iPhone and the Android to the computer you installed the transfer software on. The software will then locate both phones and show them to you in the device list that will appear on your screen.


Note: In the event that the software does not detect both phones, you will need to make sure the device is set up for USB debugging. Your particular Android phone might require you to install USB driver software for Windows before you can make the transfer.


run program and connect both phones


Step 2 (a). Transfer all iPhone SMS Messages to Android

  1. The second step is to click on the iPhone icon on the device list and click the “Transfer iPhone SMS to Androidbutton located on the software program’s tool bar. This will transfer your text messages from one phone to the other.


transfer all iPhone SMS Messages to Android


Step 2 (b). To transfer SMS with particular contact

  1. Click on the particular contact name under iPhone device and and click the "Transfer iPhone SMS to Android" button.


Step 3: Select the target device

  1. In the end, you will need to select your Android phone on the device list and click the “confirm” button.


press the confirm button


iPhone SMS transferred to Android successfully


Following these steps will allow you to easily transfer all the text conversations from your iPhone to your Android phone without becoming a hassle. This handy program also allows you to backup or transfer iPhone text messages to a computer.


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