Check out this tutorial to learn how to copy iPhone messages to Mac or backup iPhone messages on Mac in three easy steps.

How to Transfer or Copy iPhone Messages to Mac

By: Johanna Parker

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You can receive a maximum of 75,000 (15MB) messages on your iPhone, as the iPhone has a limit of 75,000 SMS. After crossing this limit, you have to delete some of your messages from your iPhone SMS box. Thus, you might want to create a backup of these messages before deleting them from your SMS box. But, iTunes only lets you transfer multimedia files to your Mac, then how to copy iPhone messages to Mac? Well no worries, as you can use this third-party iPhone Messages Transfer Software called iPhone SMS to Mac Transfer to easily copy iPhone SMS to Mac.


transferring iPhone sms messages to Mac


Please refer to following step-by-step procedure on how to copy your iPhone messages to Mac for backup using iPhone SMS to Mac Transfer Tool. Download iPhone SMS to Mac Transfer absolutely free:


download iPhone SMS to Mac Transfer Free


Step 1: Install and Launch the Program

First of all you need to download and Install iPhone to Mac transfer, and then run it on your Mac. Now connect the iPhone using USB cable; the software will automatically display your iPhone device info as shown in the following picture:


run iphone SMS to mac transfer


Note: Close the iTunes software otherwise this program will not work properly.


Step 2: Click on SMS Icon to Sync iPhone Messages to Mac

Now you will need to click on the "SMS" icon as shown in the picture and you will get a small pop-up window saying "Sync device to..." A few minutes later, you will see all of your iPhone messages in the program interface.


sync iphone messages


Step 3: Select the SMS and Click on Export Checked Files to Local

Select the messages you want to copy from iPhone to Mac and then click on "Export the checked to local" button. All of your messages will be immediately copied to your Mac desktop in a .txt format. Sounds easy, right?


copy iphone messages to mac


Note: You can use this program to copy a specific message (SMS), all SMS from specific contact, or even all messages on iPhone to PC.


Download iPhone SMS to Mac Transfer Free

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